Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answer below, please contact us and we will respond ASAP.

Smoke Shield finds and neutralizes odor molecules, in the air and on surfaces. Smoke Shield is a safe, efficient, and portable way to get rid of odor.

Yes, but Smoke Shield is a healthier alternative to aerosol air fresheners. Smoke Shield doesn't just cover up odors with harsh chemicals. Instead, Smoke Shield removes odors at the molecular level.

Smoke Shield uses a combination of nature and science to eliminate odors. By using microencapsulation technology, our formula is true odor removal.

Yes, Smoke Shield comes in 5 unique scents: Sugar Daddy, Fresh Linen, Sweet Vanilla, Black Cherry—and we even have a scentless version that really works!

Smoke Shield is an all natural product, it is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Smoke Shield is safe to use near people and pets. Do not spray on or around your eyes or mouth. If contact is made with eyes, flush thoroughly with warm water.

All of them.

No, Smoke Shield will not clean surfaces or air.